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The Whitney Frost is an all natural, chemical free all latex mattress wrapped in a signature cotton and wool cover.  This mattress is luxurious, customizable, and provides excellent support.

The Whitney FROST mattress features:

  • Signature cover with Organic Cotton and Wool for temperature regulating comfort
  • 1 - 3 inch layer of Firm All Natural Dunlop Latex support layer
  • 2 - 3 inch layers of All Natural Talalay Latex (either soft or medium)
  • 2 inches All Natural Soft Talalay Latex Comfort layer
  • 12 inch total profile
  • No Chemical Flame Retardants
  • No metal coils or springs - perfect for those with EMF sensitivities
  • Add a Whitney ICECAP super soft topper and turn the FROST into a pillow top
  • 20 year warranty: 10 years full, 10 years prorated
  • Can be shipped anywhere in the USA at no additional charge
3 Variations of the Whitney Frost Mattress:
  • Whitney Frost SOFT - A softer mattress for individuals who prefer a more plush feel.  The Whitney Frost SOFT has the following layers (from the bottom up): FIRM Dunlop, MED Talalay, Soft Talalay, Soft Talalay.
  • Whitney Frost FIRM - A firmer mattress for individuals who prefer more support.  The Whitney Frost FIRM has the following layers (from the bottom up): FIRM Dunlop, MED Talalay, MED Talalay, Soft Talalay.
  • Whitney Frost SPLIT SOFT/FIRM - Available only in Queen, King, & Cal King.  This is a mattress with both a soft side and a firm side.  This is a great option for couples with different preferences for comfort.

    Comfort Exchange Program:

    The Organic Bedroom offers a comfort exchange program available for up to 1 year after delivery of your Whitney Frost mattress. If you find that you need to make your mattress softer or firmer up to 1 year after receiving your mattress, you can purchase a layer of latex at a reduced rate to be shipped directly to you to switch out. You don’t return the old latex.


    Wool Meets Flammability Standards:

    The wool in the cover meets all flammability standards so there is no need to add toxic chemical flame retardants. The wool also adds hypoallergenic properties as it increases dust mite resistance and it helps to regular body temperature with its moisture wicking properties.

    Zippered Cover Enables Customization:

    The removable stretch knit-zippered cover and layers of latex make this mattress very easy to move around. There is never a need to flip this mattress but for those you like the idea of “flipping” their mattress, the cover can be opened and each layer can be flipped around. This is easier than traditional mattresses and provides the same piece of mind.

    Performance of Whitney Frost Mattress:

    The Whitney FROST mattress performs best when placed either on a proper wood slat foundation or a slatted platform bed. When either a wood slat foundation or platform bed is used, the slats should be no more than 3 inches apart and the mattress should never be placed directly on a solid surface as proper airflow through the bottom of a latex mattress is important.

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