Greenington Bamboo Furniture

The Organic Bedroom is pleased to offer bamboo furniture made by Greenington.

Here are some of the benefits of furniture made from Bamboo:


Bamboo is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource harvested from fully sustainable and rapidly growing forests.


Appreciated for centuries for its versatility and beauty, the warm, rich tones of bamboo make it a star material for designers. Variation in grain and color helps to create the real beauty of natural bamboo.


  • Classic Bamboo is 20% harder than Red Oak.
  • Exotic Bamboo is 100% harder than Red Oak.

Greenington furniture is manufactured using only mature Moso bamboo at least 5 years old. This ensures maximum strength, hardness and stability for all our products.

Greenington utilizes both classic and exotic bamboo in our manufacturing processes. Based on the different production techniques, here are seven different examples of the variety of colors and finishes available within our furniture collections.

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