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Experience the most luxurious sleep with Hypnos' Whole Sleep Cotton Pillow Top Mattress.

Using a combination of luxurious materials and responsibly sourced materials, Hypnos has created a mattress that combines individualized support throughout the mattress with cloud like comfort.  The combination of natural latex and micro coils provide both comfort and pressure relief for your shoulders and hips.  The Merino and Joma wool provide both temperature regulation and helps wick away moisture.  The layers of natural cotton help to keep air flowing through the mattress, ensuring your mattress doesn't overheat while you sleep.

Mattress Height: 15"

Warranty: 20 Year Non-Prorated


  • Natural FR Rayon Fiber
  • Merino & Joma Wool
  • Natural Latex
  • 1872 Pocket Micro Coil
  • 100% Natural Virginia Cotton
  • Post-Industrial Recycled Cotton
  • Natural Cotton & Wool Fiber Blend
  • Recycled Cotton & Wool Fiber Pad
  • 1088 Plush 16-Gauge Pocket Spring Unit
  • Recycled Fiber Pad

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