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Natural Latex Topper with Linen Filled Cover (Pillow Top)

1 1/4" Natural Talalay Latex with linen filled stretch knit cotton cover

The Berkeley Ergonomics Natural Latex Topper is an independent optional component that can be added to your mattress set for additional luxurious cushioning.

  • The Natural Latex Vegan Topper is wool-free, instead using pure linen batting. NOTE: This will feel slightly stiffer and firmer compared to the non-vegan version.
  • 100% natural Talalay latex
  • Removable – if you want to change the feel of your bed
  • Replaceable – when worn out
  • Breathable – providing a dry, healthy sleeping climate
  • Natural – made from certified chemically safe materials
  • While linen/ flax offers excellent moisture wicking and antibacterial properties, it is less efficient with regards to temperature balancing.

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