Reverie adjustable bases are available at The Organic Bedroom.

We have several adjustable bases on our showroom floor including the R650, 7HT, 9T, OSO 300T, and 4M LP.

At the Organic Bedroom, you can choose features from basic head up & foot up to massage, bluetooth, and underbed lighting depending on the model you select.  All of the bases have full wireless remote and are available in the Raleigh Durham Market at The Organic Bedroom.


Benefits of an Adjustable base include.

  • Keep your organs in the perfect alignment to aid in blood circulation.
  • Keeps you sleeping on your back which is the optimal sleep position for health and wellness.
  • Provides a more comfortable situation for those who are experiencing health issues and spend more time in bed.
  • Allows for a more ergonomic position for reading or doing other activities in bed.
  • Is especially good for those who have had surgeries that require them to sleep in a more upright position

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