Why You Need Wool in Your Mattress

November 21, 2016

Why You Need Wool in Your Mattress

A common question that we get from our customers is around chemical flame-retardants versus natural flame barriers.  We always talk about wool being a natural flame barrier as well as the many other benefits of having wool in and around your mattress.

Lately there seems to be an influx of online retailers and even some showrooms where the message to consumers it to buy mattresses with no flame barriers.  Because all mattresses sold by retailers in the United States must be certified that they have been flame tested these “garage” manufacturers and retailers are using alternative methods to sell non-compliant mattresses to consumers.  It seems as though there are retailers who are advertising that as long as you come in with a note or prescription from a doctor you can purchase a “mattress without flame retardants”.  Some retailers will even provide you with a doctor and/or prescription if needed. They are basically selling a bamboo knit cover with layers of latex.

A mattress with wool quilted into a cotton cover (no skin contact) can pass the US Flame Standard testing without the use of flame retardant chemicals.  Not only does the wool help with decreasing the flammability of the mattress but it has so many other benefits that an unsuspecting consumer might not realize.

  1. Mattresses and especially latex mattresses (without wool) are very flammable. Unless there is a legitimate medical reason to not have wool in the cover of your mattress, it is recommended that you have a flame resistant material between your body and your mattress.
  2. Wool batting is a very luxurious surface. Your body does not come in contact with the wool fibers so if you have any contact sensitivities the wool will not bother you.
  3. Wool naturally regulates your body temperature to create a perfect climate for rest. Latex mattresses made without wool will sleep much warmer – even those with a bamboo polyester cover will be warmer than with the more natural cotton and wool combination.
  4. Wool is naturally dust mite resistant which means fewer allergens in your mattress. This increases the life and keeps your sleeping environment more sanitary.
  5. Wool is more durable and has a very long life span. Wool does not retain moisture or odor and does not mold.  Wool is easy to care for as long as it can get a couple of hours of natural sunlight every few months.

Of course if you do have a medical condition preventing you from using wool we can help you out with prescription and other options but be concerned about sales pitches where you need a prescription or note from a doctor to buy any mattress, especially those in which a prescription can easily be obtained by the seller. It’s just a way to cut material from your mattress with no concern for your well being. If you want a longer lasting, cleaner and safer all-natural mattress, make sure it contains wool.  And if you really want to make your sleeping area perfect try wool pillows and a wool duvet insert.