September 17, 2016

One of the best parts of living in the Triangle is the great summer weather and the things to do in the area. We have such great things to do such as the Durham Bulls and Carolina Mudcats baseball teams, the great concerts at our 3 outdoor venues as well as visits to our fun and quirky downtowns in all of our local cities and towns. Location wise we have easy travels to both the beaches, mountains as well as world class amusement parks.

Summer does however pose some challenges when it comes to sleep and here are some points to help you out:

  • It’s hot, try a nice thin wool or camel hair comforter to better regulate your body temperature. A thin wool topper or pad will also help tremendously to keep the moisture wicked away from your body. Get rid of that waterproof protector unless it is a must as waterproof covers sleep HOT!
  • You will have a tendency to overdo things in the summer so a nice soft topper will help those sore muscles. We have found that soft talalay latex is a great choice.
  • Go to bed on time! You stayed out doing kids activities later than normal and you will want to stay up when you get home for “your time” to relax. Take a warm shower then get to bed on time your body and mind will appreciate it tomorrow.
  • Take a nap. If you these activities have you worn down a 30 minute catnap will revive you to get back into the action.
  • If traveling take something familiar with you. Your pillow or favorite blanky can make getting used to that unfamiliar bed easier so you can get more sleep. 

If it is time to replace your mattress and sleeping hot is a concern the summer is a great time to visit The Organic Bedroom. Natural Mattress will provide you the pressure relief for your body to recover as well as material work to naturally regulate your body temperature. Some of our best promotions of the year are also available in the summer. We are open 10-6 Tuesday-Saturday in the summer but we also make Sunday and Monday as well as after-hours available by appointment to meet your busy schedule.

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