June 20, 2018

One of the most visited pages on our website is our FAQ (frequently asked questions page), this was written about 4 years ago and today the content covered on this page is still just as relevant today. We have however had some other questions that come up over the years:

Could I be allergic to latex?

Most people have never been around real latex. Rubber gloves, band aids and other common items usually have very little natural latex. Latex allergies can be either contact or respiratory. People with contact allergies should not have issues with a latex mattress as you do not come into contact with it. The odds are a lot greater you would have reactions to the chemical experiments in traditional beds and the good news is if you have a concern a latex allergy test is a simple fast test.

How do you compare to other companies that sell latex mattresses in Raleigh?

Not even competitive here, we have the largest selection of latex and natural spring mattresses on the East Coast. One store sells a cheaply made natural latex bed covered in a chemically laden bamboo (AKA polyester) cover and require you to get a Dr. note stating you have allergies so they can eliminate any need to pass fire code. Our products pass with natural materials including wool which also helps you regulate body temperature and is dust mite resistant. A piece of Dunlop latex wrapped in a polyester cover will sleep extremely warm and the cover will have to be regularly replaced. Good news here is we have better product at a lower price without all the gimmicks or infomercials to go with it. All the other latex sellers in Raleigh are “Natural” (meaning has some latex but is still mainly chemically based) or only have a thin layer of synthetic latex over polyurethane foam.

Can I use my existing “box spring”?

In most cases it is a good idea to replace your existing box spring/ foundation. Your new natural mattress should last 10-30 years and if you use and existing box spring it is likely not going to last as long as the mattress and have to be replaced at some point. If you do choose to use your existing box spring you do need to keep an eye out for potential sagging as well as make sure it is allowing for proper ventilation to prevent molding in the humid triangle weather.

I read on the internet (fill in the blank):

The internet has more bad information than it does good. Internet forums are designed to lead you to products that the website gets a referral if you purchase from them, in some cases a mattress manufacturer actually owns the website which recommends products. One site even has painfully long videos by a “good ole boy” pitchman as good as Billy Bob selling a sham wow on an early Sunday morning infomercial. Most of the information given is inaccurate or over hyped and the only goal of these painful to watch videos is to keep you on the website longer which is one of the criteria google uses to list the order of your site compared to others.

How much do your mattresses cost?

This is listed on our products page for most of our mattresses but some that are fully configurable are not due the customization of the product and pricing. In Queen size a “natural” mattress made with all-natural latex and springs will start under $1500 with an all latex (all natural) starting just under $2000. In a king these would be around $2000 for a spring with latex or around $2400 in an all latex product. For the purest mattresses out that that are not only “all natural” but also 3rd party certified organic these usually have a 20-25% premium to cover the costs of the certification as well as the added quality in the workmanship in these products. We sell the best certified organic and natural mattresses in Raleigh, that means online or in person rest assured The Organic Bedroom chooses only the best. Being the #1 Organic and Natural Store on the East Coast we can pick and choose what we carry and if we do not sell it in our store there is definitely a reason why.  

Over our 6 years of selling mattresses we have learned a lot, we consider ourselves some of the top experts in the US on natural mattresses and truly do have the best products around. We look forward to you visiting us and trying our products in our no pressure relaxed showroom but if you have any specific questions not answered in our FAQ or this post (FAQ 2.0) feel free to call us at 919-521-5566.

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