April 27, 2017

 In the spirit of the subject of “fake news” we would like to take this opportunity to talk about myths that we dispel regularly.  The customers who visit our store come in armed with loads of research from various websites, conversations with manufacturers of traditional mattresses and conversations with retailers of traditional mattresses. Much of the information we hear is either not true at all or only partially true.

Here are a few of the subjects that seem to be on most people’s minds in regards to mattresses and mattress shopping.

MYTH: The roll packed “bed in a box” concept is the future!

RESPONSE: Probably not. We agree that the manufacturers of roll packed mattresses that are shipped directly to your door are an incredible marketing concept.  But the products are nothing more than you can buy in any retail store.  You are getting exactly what you pay for and nothing more.  Most of these mattresses are one size fits all mattresses and if you don’t like the comfort the company will first try and send a topper.  If that doesn’t work you can “return” it which actually means you donate it or give it away, send in proof that you no longer own it and you get your money back.  For anyone who has never worked in retail, that return policy is built into the price you pay and so is the shipping.  So what you are really paying for is the cost of shipping the mattress, the packaging materials, the return policy (a percentage that the company determines will be returned is applied), marketing (very large percentage) and the actual product, which is made of very inexpensive synthetic materials.  These companies are not mattress companies nor do they care what they are selling.  These companies are marketing and internet companies who have mastered the art of putting their advertisements in your face every time you access a website.  It’s a fun trend that is not sustainable.  As soon as a new trendy product is introduced, these same marketing companies will jump on it and go through the process again.

MYTH: You really do get 50%-70% off on those Clearance Sales.

RESPONSE: Wow – this is a good one! If the sale price is real then why can you buy the same exact mattress at the store next door for the same undiscounted price? Prices are made up and model numbers are changed from store to store so nobody really knows what 50-70% off is because you never know what the actual undiscounted price is. With manufacturer wholesale prices lists in hand, it is still almost impossible for even us to comparison shop. It is very hard for the average consumer to know what they are getting for the price they are paying.

MYTH: All mattresses have chemical flame-retardants.

RESPONSE: WROOOONG! All mattresses have to pass U.S. flame testing standards. While many companies use very toxic and unregulated chemicals to do this, wool by itself can and does pass this test. Some companies train their employees to say the in order to avoid chemicals you have to have your bed custom made or you need a doctor’s note but that is not true. You can get a bed made with wool in the cover and that passes U.S. flame testing.  The wool is also dust mite resistant and temperature regulating so there are many other benefits to buying a mattress made with organic and natural materials. You really do want your mattress to have some sort of fire protection. Latex as well as other internal componants of mattresses are extraordinarily flammable and you are risking the saftety of your family to get one made without it being flame resitant. We just don’t think toxic chemicals are the solution since it can be accomplished with natural healthy materials.

MYTH: Organic and natural mattresses are expensive!

RESPONSE: Again, WROOONG! Mattresses made with organic and natural materials are priced in line with some of the major brands of traditional mattresses sold in retail stores. If you are comparing traditional mattresses that are considered of higher quality based on the manufacturer’s own claims, you will find that organic and natural mattresses are not only priced equally and in some cases lower and are of much higher quality.

MYTH: Mattresses made with natural materials have bugs in them. ]

RESPONSE: Yes, you read that right. We have actually had customers tell as that there is a particular store who has actually said the organic and natural mattresses have bugs. We welcome an independent council to inspect our mattresses for bugs. The natural properties of wool are dust mite resistance so all mattresses that have wool inside or in the cover will be free of dust mites. Also, all wool, cotton and latex used in any manufacturing process is cleaned with pure water and organic and natural cleaning detergents.  Many of the materials are certified organic by a third party certification company.

MYTH: Mattresses made with organic and natural materials are not comfortable and do not last long.

RESPONSE: Mattresses made with organic and natural materials are generally longer lasting and more supportive for a longer time that regular mattresses. Traditional mattresses use almost 100% synthetic materials. Manufacturers of some of the more well known brands that made a higher quality mattress 15-20 years ago seem to be using lesser quality materials and the same brands aren’t holding up as long as they used to.  The polyurethane foam that is currently being produced does not seem to have a long lifespan and mattresses are breaking down much faster.  Of course, this helps the mattress industry as a whole because the faster your mattress breaks down, the sooner you need a new one.  Not only do organic and natural mattresses have a longer lifespan in general but if they do ever make it into landfills they are much better for the environment than synthetic and petro-chemical based materials. We will definitely not tell you to replace it every 8 years because with quality products they will last substantially longer!

There are many other myths in regards to mattresses floating around and we could go on and on but it is better for you to take some time and avoid the fake news before making such an important buying decision.

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