Disagreements in the Bedroom

March 06, 2015

They got married in 2003 but it wasn’t 2006 that they started sleeping in the same bed. There was trouble from the very beginning. They are complete opposites when it came to sleeping. She was a light sleeper and he could fall asleep just thinking about a bed.

Her restlessness led to constant movement during the time when he was just nodding off. He was going into hibernation mode, which prevented him from getting into a deep sleep. Once they both finally got into nice steady sleep rhythm, the snoring began thus waking her from a peaceful sleep. It was a viscous circle that went this way throughout the night. They did this for several months until they both realized it might be better to try separate bedrooms. Once the children came along there were no longer extra bedrooms so there was no option but to share a bedroom again.

They decided a new mattress might help the situation so they were on a mission to shop for a new mattress. The process is made more difficult by the fact that she is a side sleeper and wanted a plush mattress while he is a back sleeper and needed something firmer. Unfortunately, the only option was to meet in the middle and get a mattress that was a little to firm for her and a little to soft for him but it was the best they could hope for at the time. It was a memory foam mattress, which was very different than anything they had in the past. The mattress, although not exactly what we wanted did provide one major benefit – it drastically cut down on motion transfer, which was a huge issue when they started sharing a bed.

The downside to the new mattress was that is slept very warm. This was fine for her but he had a real problem with the how hot the mattress became just hours after falling asleep. He was waking up, removing blankets, then waking again to add the blankets back on thus causing a whole new sleep issue.

It all changed with the purchase of a 4-layer all-natural latex bed that can be configured differently on each side. Add that to an adjustable base and it creates absolute bliss. It took almost 10 years to sleep happily together but if it weren’t for the issues, they may have found this most perfect solution.

His side is layered so it is a little firmer than hers. Her layers are perfect for a side-sleeper. He raises his head slightly to silence to relieve her of hearing the sounds of a grizzly bear. The mattress is made with certified organic latex covered in a certified organic wool filled cotton cover. The wool keeps him cool and her warm throughout the night. The two different sides with different layers of latex virtually any motion from the other moving during the night.

Do you and your partner struggle with sleeping together? The story above demonstrates a very common issue that could be resolved. Don’t give up getting good sleep. There are options for you even when you feel like your situation is hopeless.