May 06, 2016

 There are many myths about Organic and Natural Mattresses. Here are the 7 myths that are heard over and over from traditional mattress stores:

  1. A mattress made with only natural organic material would cost over $10,000. This is not true. There are many brands of mattresses made with only certified organic, all-natural and natural materials that are very competitively price. Not only that but natural products last much longer than synthetic products so you get more for your money.
  2. Organic and natural mattresses are not comfortable. Mattresses made with organic and natural materials contain all-natural rubber from the rubber tree, innerspring systems, all-natural and/or certified organic wool and cotton. Not on that but many mattresses made with organic and natural materials are customizable. So you can get the exact feel you like on your side and your partner can do the same. How can it get any better than that?
  3. Organic and natural mattresses do not last very long. Most mattresses made with organic and natural materials come with a minimum of a 10 year full warranty. Some manufacturers add another 10 years prorated warranty for a total of 20 years. All-natural latex mattresses have been known to last 20-40 years.
  4. Mattresses made with plant-based foams are organic or natural. Some manufacturers advertise that they use soy or other plant based polyurethane foam in their mattresses. This type of foam still contains up to 80% chemicals that are mildly diluted with plant-based oils.
  5. Organic and natural mattresses do not work on adjustable beds. All natural latex mattresses will work on an adjustable while some specially designed innerspring mattresses also work on adjustable bases. You can purchase a Reverie adjustable base to be delivered with any all-natural latex or specially designed innerspring mattress or purchase an adjustable base of your choice. Either way your mattress will be fully covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.
  6. Regular mattress retailers sell all-natural latex mattresses. A few regular mattress retailers may offer a mattress or two that has a layer of natural latex. Under the latex you might find a polyurethane foam core or synthetic latex. Read the law tags, do your research and understand the difference. All-natural latex is all rubber, natural latex contains some actual rubber mixed with a high percentage of polyurethane foam and synthetic latex contains no latex but is foam made to react like latex. This is important when considering the health aspects and the lifespan of the mattress.
  7. There is no place locally (in Raleigh/Durham area) to buy these types of mattresses! WRONG – you can purchase organic and all-natural mattresses at The Organic Bedroom, 5230 Hollyridge Drive, Raleigh, NC.

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