iAdjust 10" Natural Mattress - Vegan Mattress

Vegans rejoice!  The iAdjust 10" Natural Mattress is what you've been looking for. 

The iAdjust 10" Natural Mattress has three 3" Layers Latex mattress made with all-natural Latex with Tencel cover.  There's no wool!

iAdjust makes latex mattresses simple.

It’s super easy to customize your bed with the iAdjust 10" Natural Latex Mattress.  Soft, Medium and Firm layers offer a variety of sleep preferences. Simply unzip the Tencel Cover and rotate layers around to design your custom sleep.

Key Features:

  • 100% Organic Latex Mattresses
  • Tencel Cover (no wool!)
  • Naturally anti-microbial and bedbug-resistant
  • Simplicity (limited configurations of latex layers)
  • Mattress changes with you over time
  • Each layer of latex is individually packaged making delivery easy

What you get:

  • 6 pieces of latex: 2 soft, 2 medium, & 2 firm (individually boxed)
  • 1 certified tencel cover

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