Vote for The Organic Bedroom in 2016!

January 14, 2016

Vote for The Organic Bedroom in 2016!

This year is an election year. A year in which we will decide on the future of our county but equally important, it is the year you will decide whether to sleep healthy or remain status quo with your polyurethane stuffed mattress covered in who knows what? As you suffer through the debates, the non-stop candidate robo calls and the constant advertising, lets consider the more important issues:

  1. Foreign Policy - ALL of the mattresses available in The Organic Bedroom are manufactured in the United States. We do use some materials grown in other countries of our organic allies but we are committed to U.S. products made by U.S. workers whenever possible.
  2. Healthcare - ALL of our mattresses are made with the safest materials available and from nature. We not only provide healthy, chemical free options but also the best products available for various health concerns such as allergies, muscle and back problems as well as products to help with sleep disorders.
  3. No Child Left Behind - We offer all our organic products in Twin and Full size. Our Whitney Deluxe Natural Youth mattresses start at $499 so every child can sleep healthy.
  4. Choice - We offer the largest selection of Natural and Organic products available on the East Coast. Our 3,000 square foot showroom is located on Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh so you can come in and choose the right mattress for you.
  5. Public Safety - We believe in providing the safest products available that do not contain petroleum based polyurethane foams and chemical flame-retardants. Our products pass government mandated flame testing by using the safest and most natural ways possible.

So this year as you choose to live healthy and sleep well, don’t get “Berned” with false information and green washing that traditional stores offer or “Trumped” by the high pressure techniques of the large national chains. The choice is clear for you and your family - THE ORGANIC BEDROOM 2016.

We are The Organic Bedroom and we approve this message.