Evils of Mattress Shopping on The Internet

June 19, 2015

There has been a large influx of consumers who are spending a lot more time researching organic and natural mattresses on the Internet before taking the time to visit a store like ours. The Internet has a lot of really great information but it has just as much not so great information and as a consumer it is hard to distinguish between what is good and what is not so good. As retailers who take pride in understanding the world or mattresses made with certified organic and/or all-natural materials it is our jobs to provide real information by demonstrating exactly what is inside a mattress, the benefits of each material and why more traditional mattresses can contain toxic ingredients.

Here are some examples of information that you may come across:

  1. “Buy factory direct and cut out the middleman to save thousands of dollars”. This is being promoted heavily by a couple of companies who are manufacturers and who have tried to work through retailers but were not able maintain their supply chain. Because of their shortcomings they now promote that by cutting out the “middleman” or retailer, consumers can save thousands of dollars. In most cases, the prices remain the same and the only savings come in offering similar products with lower quality materials.
  1. Are reviews worth reading through? How much should you pay attention to reviews? As a consumer you have probably been sent an unsolicited email after you purchased a product and that email is asking you for a review. Companies hire services to send these emails. If you receive these emails immediately after a purchase and you just need to click if you are happy and write a quick sentence, the review is usually positive. There is one specific company who has over 1,500 recorded, solicited reviews while they have only one Yelp review and 2 Google reviews. This is an area to be cautious of.
  1. How important is the top spot on a Google search? Try doing a Google search on “organic mattress (your city). The first couple of spots are for websites for 800 numbers where the company is selling some sort of “eco” foam mattresses and trying to sell through mail order.  Of course there is no mention of these being organic or natural – they just paid for their store to show up when people did these types of searches. These tops spots on Google are expensive and any company can be in those spots if they are willing to pay. Keep in mind that the amount you pay for anything is directly correlated with the amount a company spends on marketing, advertising and promotions.
  1. What about forums, blogs and other community online posting boards? Are these legitimate? Here’s how these work. Many of these are linked to a specific company and you may not even know it. A question is posted and a good writer will make sure that through the chain of responses you are led to a specific company where you will be introduced to their products. Many of these companies provide money and services to the responsible party who got the unknowing consumer to the company’s website through these forums, boards, and blogs. Also, beware of some of the blogs dedicated specifically to parenting. Many of the writers have very good intentions but they really don’t understand the products they are recommending and they may have been provided free products by companies to write about.

We have a retail showroom where you can feel, touch, and see the insides of each mattress that we sell. We do not rely on any tricks to draw people in who may not be interested in our products. What you see is what you get. We spend a lot of time with each and every customer in person and over the phone if necessary. We answer questions honestly and accurately and we don’t trick you into buying anything that you don’t want or need. We look out for our customers and we care. That is what you get when you shop at The Organic Bedroom.

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