5 Years Later

April 18, 2018

5 Years Later

It was on February 23rd 2012 when we officially incorporated our business. Prior to that date we while grinding it out in regular jobs we spent hours in the evening and on weekends brainstorming, discussing and calculating in an attempt to find a great business that we could start and operate.  It was during a ski trip to the mountains of NC where we were snowed in on a Saturday that we not only conceptualized but put into action the start of “The Organic Bedroom”.   In one short weekend we incorporated our business, registered it with the state of North Carolina, applied for our Federal Employment Identification Number, purchased our website domain name and developed the beginnings of a business plan.  From that date we worked very hard in our current jobs during that day and spent many hours over the weekends and in the evenings to do everything else we needed to open the store on June 1, 2012.

So here we are five years later. What has changed?

Retail in the Raleigh, NC Market:

  • Some fairly significant mattress retailers such as Mattress Capital and The Good Night Sleep Store left the market while another icon, Fred’s Beds is in the process of closing their Raleigh stores.
  • In 2012, Mattress Firm and Sleepy’s were battling to see who could add more locations in the Triangle market. It seems as though Mattress Firm won as they purchased Sleepy’s  and ultimately Mattress Firm was purchased by the South African furniture giant, Steinhoff.  A lot has gone on in just 5 years.

Mattress Manufacturing:

  • Some major consolidations are among the big changes. Tempurpedic acquired Sealy to create Temper-Sealy, which as a significant change in the industry.
  • Simmons and Serta are consolidated and owned by a private equity firm.
  • Most recently, Steinhoff (Mattress Firm’s parent company) and Tempur-Sealy announced that they would discontinue their relationship which may have an impact on retailers in the coming year or years.

What about Us?  Well, not much has changed.  We’ve stayed true to our core values and beliefs as a business and a family.  We work hard to find and offer high quality products that are made with all natural materials and that will give you piece of mind while resting.  We offer a comfortable and low-pressure shopping experience in our large showroom that contains various types and configurations of our comfortable mattresses.  We treat our customers, friends, neighbors and anyone who visits our store with honesty and respect and we volunteer and work with several community partners such as but not limited to The Green Chair Project, Note in the Pocket & The Scott Hannon Foundation.  It is our intent to stay on course for many years to come by keeping with our strong business values, offering high quality products and being good community neighbors.