So we went to several different manufactures and said how about combining the pressure relief of Talalay latex with the support of Dunlop latex? Well we got tired of waiting so we developed the Whitney ICE (Intelligent Comfort Engineering). This mattress uses only all natural Dunlop and Talalay latex and is at a price point where others in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area are selling blended and synthetic latex mattresses. This mattress compromises nothing as far as comfort goes and allows you to sleep healthy without losing sleep for what you paid for it.

The Whitney ICE mattress is constructed with a 6 inches of Dunlop latex core topped with 2 inches of all-natural Soft Talalay Latex.  All covered by a wool filled removable zippered stretch-knit cover containing certified organic cotton.  The 6 inch Dunlop core contains two 3 inch layers- one Medium and one Firm.  Both Of the Bottom layer can be split for easy moving or moving the layers around later.


  • The mattress can be customized by shifting the layers internally in the mattress. If you prefer the mattress softer put the medium on top of the firm layer or should you prefer firmer place the medium layer on the bottom and the firmer layer on top of that. Either way you get the plush 2 inch Talalay comfort layer on top.
  • The wool in the cover meets all flammability standards so there is no need to add toxic chemical flame retardants. The wool also adds hypoallergenic properties as it increases dust mite resistance and it helps to regular body temperature with its moisture wicking properties.
  • The removable zippered cover and layers of latex make this mattress very easy to move around.  There is never a need to flip this mattress but for those you like the idea of “flipping” their mattress, the cover can be opened and each layer can be flipped around.  This is easier than traditional mattresses and provides the same piece of mind.
  • The warranty is equal to many other manufacturers of latex mattresses. We offer a 20 year limited warranty.  The first 10 years is non-prorated while the second 10 years is prorated.
  • Add the Whitney ICECAP topper and turn the ICE into a Pillow Top.
  • Has no metal coils or springs making it perfect for those with EMF sensitivities.
  • The Whitney ICE can ship directly to you anywhere in the USA at no additional charge.

The Whitney Ice mattress performs best when placed either on a proper wood slat foundation or a slatted platform bed.  When either a wood slat foundation or platform bed is used, the slats should be no more than 3 inches apart and the mattress should never be placed directly on a solid surface as proper airflow through the bottom of a latex mattress is important.  The Whitney ICE has a 9 inch profile with 8 inches being all-natural latex plus approximate one inch of wool and cotton in the zippered cover.

Delivery and set up for your new Whitney Ice Latex mattress is available in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill and the entire triangle area. We will even remove your old mattress!

*For more information fill out our contact form or call us at the store: (919) 521-5566