This is the lowest price all natural latex available anywhere in the Raleigh/Durham area. If you have the simple need to have a product free of the yucky gross chemicals in traditional mattresses and don’t want to sacrifice comfort here it is. The ICE- can also have a topper added now or in the future to finish your customizable natural sleep solution.

The Whitney ICE- All-Natural Latex Mattress is identical to The Whitney ICE Mattress except that it does not contain the 2 inch Soft Talalay latex layer. It offers the same customization, the same removable zippered cover, and all of the same features and benefits without the soft comfort layer. This mattress is best for people who are looking for a medium to firm core mattress so they can add a separate latex or wool pillowtop pad comfort layer. This mattress has a total profile of about 7 inches with 6 inches being all-natural latex and the other inch the wool filled stretch-knit organic cotton cover. All other features and benefits are identical to The Whitney ICE All-Natural Latex Mattress.

The ICE- can be delivered and set up in the Raleigh Durham area or can be shipped anywhere in the US at no additional charge.

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