Luxury Natural Mattresses
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Royal-Pedic Organic Mattresses

Why Organic?

Founded in 1946 Royal-Pedic mattresses have long been known for sheer luxury. The company only uses the finest materials in the world and has been the choice of many Hollywood Stars as well as US Presidents. We are proud to be the only Royal-Pedic Dealer in the Carolina’s.

Royal-Pedic is an established manufacturer of high quality mattresses in Beverly Hills, California.  They specialize in producing mattresses using the highest quality materials sourced from the all over the world.  They offer two mattresses made with organic and natural materials and we offer both in our showroom.  We offer The Royal-Pedic Natural Organic Cotton with Wool Wrap Mattress and The Royal-Pedic Organic Latex Quilt Top Mattress.  We also carry the Royal-Pedic Natural Organic Pillowtop Pads.